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Water treatment equipment and supplies

Supplyline is an online marketplace -> connecting waterworks professionals and equipment suppliers

Buy, sell, and support -> pumps, controllers, chemical feed systems, flow meters, level control, process sensors, tanks, repair parts & related equipment

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Industry Pros

Whether you're in operations, engineering, sales and service, or procurement -> let us help you get the products, information, and support you need

Shop online with realtime support
Access nationwide inventory
Work with application experts
Save time and money

Distributors & Reps

Turn online sales into a competitive advantage -> let our digital sales platform expand your business online while focusing on what you do best

No upfront investments or integrations
On-board with a linecard and a territory map
Process orders from your inbox
Reach new customers to grow online and off


Be the brand of choice online and off -> help us put your products front and center while driving demand through your preferred channel

Support channel partners and end users
Reduce friction for qualified buyers
Shine a brighter light on your products
Get fresh insights into your business

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Supplyline brings together -> leading brands, trusted distributors, and application experts

On a modern storefront -> designed to help you quickly make sense of industrial products

Built for industry pros -> who buy, sell, and depend on flow & process control equipment

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You may be asking...

What is Supplyline?

Supplyline is a marketplace, built for water, wastewater, and industrial professionals.

Our mission is to make it easier to select, buy, and support industrial equipment.

In order to do this, we are rethinking the way waterworks professionals interface with specialty equipment manufacturers and distributors. By providing a web platform tailored to water treatment equipment, we enable a consumer-grade experience within your industrial-grade business.

What is a marketplace?

A marketplace brings together buyers and sellers by providing the infrastructure to do business more efficiently. Like a shopping mall or app store -> we focus on quality, convenience, and security.

On the selling side, we partner with top manufacturers and their authorized distributors and reps. We provide them with the digital tools needed to deliver an exceptional experience without upfront investment.

On the buying side, we make it easier to select, buy, and support the equipment used everyday by water and wastewater treatment professionals - via the web, or by phone, video, text, chat, etc.

Who is Supplyline for?

For industry pros, we're an online storefront -> tailored to water treatment equipment and supplies. We aim to provide industry pros the best information, best access, and best experience possible.

For distributors, we're a digital sales engine -> a plug-and-play B2B portal to help you extend your business online while staying focused on applications, sales, and support (rather than IT infrastructure, web development, and product data).

For manufacturers, we're a strategic partner -> a way to help your channel "level-up" online. We remove friction for customers who want to transact with your brand in the way that is most convenient for them.

How does Supplyline work?

On the surface, Supplyline operates like an ecommerce site, designed for industrial equipment, and adapted for B2B transactions and logistics

Under the hood, Supplyline manages all of the digital infrastructure - like cloud hosting, web development, and data integrity - so each company can focus on what they do best.

How does Supplyline make money?

We add value to manufacturers and distributors looking to provide better digital solutions to their employees and customers.

While the platform is free to use, we charge sellers a portion of the value generated in two ways:

  1. We provide software and service subscriptions to help manufacturers and distributors avoid costs, improve service, and grow their businesses.
  2. We earn a sales commission on each order to cover the transaction costs and help grow the base of happy customers.

Do I pay more by ordering through Supplyline?

No. We work with manufacturers and distributors to ensure you always get the best deal possible.

We back this up with our Price Match Guarantee. If you find a lower price online, we’ll match it. We'll even help you look!

Does Supplyline cut out my sales rep?

No... we love your rep! That's why we build tools to empower them. You get the support you need - when, where, and how you want it - and they get less email, fewer phone calls, and better tools to jump in when needed.

How is Supplyline different?

We know there are plenty of good catalogs and websites out there. And the best info is often on the manufacturer's website. We are not looking to replace these options. In fact, we will link you to those sources directly!

What we are building is...

Technology led -
our focus is on the software and services that help ensure you get what you need, when you need it, at the best price. We believe in the power of fit-for-purpose software

Network driven - our strength is in the network of partners that power the platform. This set of trusted manufacturers, specialty distributors, and application experts are the reason we can provide such a vast selection, deep inventory, knowledgeable support, and unbeatable prices. Together, we provide a level of value each individual company can only offer at a much smaller scale.

Customer focused - our goal is to be your concierge to the industry. The starting point to help you get what you need. We won't have every answer, but will work to quickly understand your needs and connect you to the person, the product, or the information you need

Join us!

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